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Welcome to the world of Fatou: a bold key opinion leader driving positive change both within companies and across the globe.

With a real commitment to empowering voices and breaking barriers, Fatou is a fearless entrepreneur. She is on a mission to transform cultures and create a more equitable world through advocacy, influence, and action.

Fatou leverages her powerful voice and captivating storytelling to amplify underrepresented voices and bring attention to critical social justice issues. She brings a fresh and incisive perspective to the conversation, challenging the status quo and igniting essential discussions.

With her proven track record of success in driving change, she has earned widespread recognition as a leading voice in the movement towards a more just world.

She has become a highly sought-after consultant, working with companies to design and implement cutting-edge strategies that foster inclusion, diversity, and equity.

Fatou in action
wonder woman
Pierre Barbe & Sophie Mouhieddine
Consultant communication interne & Directrice des Ressources Humaines et de la Communication Interne, Maisons du Monde
"Fatou is a committed and engaging entrepreneur, truly inspiring. Her enthusiasm and dynamism make her an exceptional partner, and she always does so with a smile! Fatou supported me in implementing the Equity Fresk within the Casino Group, demonstrating creativity and empathy. This allowed us to co-create a customized awareness program for gender equality issues, perfectly tailored to the Group's needs. She is attentive and collaborative, consistently generating innovative and relevant ideas. I am looking forward to continuing this journey with her, as our collaboration will not end here!"
Lydie Gabrion
Head of Gender Equality, Casino Group
Marie Ferri
Directrice Marketing de Sézane
"Fatou is a proud and contemporary woman with incredible energy. She exudes an abundance of energy that she shares with generosity. She has an important network, and she knows how to harness it efficiently."
Bruno Vinay
Founder & Captain, Balmoral Active